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This inquiry is addressed to you because it is under your responsibility that the Committee of Constitutional Affairs will examine the Proposal for a modification of the Act concerning the election of the Members of the European Parliament by direct universal suffrage of 20 September 1976.

The election of the President of the European Commission on 16 September 2009 has featured Mr. Barroso as the unique candidate to his own succession. The choice of the EU representatives was limited to vote for him or against him. Hence the high level of abstention – a fact that is commonly regarded as a sign of unhealthy democracy.

In the light of the above, it appears essential to allow the EU representatives voting with a white or blank ballot, the latter being considered as an effective one.

If the highly responsible representatives of the European peoples cannot make recourse to a type of ballot that allows enlarging pluralism, what the common European citizens can hope for?

This inquiry is launched by the European Collective for the White Ballot. The Collective (cf. brings together civic associations from various European countries struggling for the recognition of the white ballot. I am the president of the French association (

We have contacted various EU organisms with similar requests. The suggestion to contact you came from Jerzy Buzek and Catherine Trautmann. We hope you will be attentive to our proposal.


"Thank you for your interesting letter of 23 January.
The abstention vote for Mr Barroso was a sign of indecision on behalf of those Members.
Members who wish to register a protest vote can, and do, spoil their ballot paper.
Parliament is at all times bound by the EU Treaty, and the Treaty is quite clear about the procedure for the election of the President of the Commission. 
In the light of this, I am not myself persuaded of the need to change the voting system.
Yours sincerely,"
Andrew Duff 

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