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When did intelligence become a political liability ?   

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The Right to Interfere Politically


All organizations for Human Rights are aimed at the defence of the rights of Mankind.

Our approach to Human Rights is characterized not only by the will to defend them, but also to extend the notion of Human Rights.

For us, Human Rights are a permanent conquest accompanying advancement in every domain of human activity: economy, science, industry, culture …Human rights are a dynamic process: not to go forward is to go backwards.

Our action is a philosophical one, since it rests upon the conviction that freedoms are not fixed once and for ever. It is based on the French Declaration of Human Rights as well as on the 1948 Universal Declaration of the United Nations. From now on, our duty is to continue the work in process and to achieve it, building upon all that has been acquired.

The Declarations of 1789 and 1948 define a social project in terms of freedom . This social project has to be firmly rooted.

Our goal is, by using the same method, to reach the next stage: defining a social project for the third millennium.

The new rights can be recognized only by national parliaments, the United Nations, or their regional organizations (the Council of Europe, the Organization of African Union, the O.E.A.) We do not deem it useful to impose a list of new rights. It would be more judicious to include an article that would guarantee to each active individual/ citizen that making use of such rights would move forward the evolution of our societies.

Our proposal is: “It is everyone’s right, and duty, to participate in the life and management or his or her own society. The latter must be committed to take into account each individual’s opinion”.