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When did intelligence become a political liability ?   

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On September 16, 2009, the EU representatives have re-elected the president of the EU Commission. The fact that there was only one candidate for such a key position is not typical for a democracy. On the opposite, the latter thrives on the dialectics of contradiction and dialogue. The European Union, which is expected to be a guiding force in the democratic evolution of Europe, should not appear in such a posture. Some EU representatives could not share the vision and convictions the only candidate; the negative vote allowed them showing their disapproval. Others considered him as the right person for this position, and felt the Yes vote corresponding to their choice. But their might be a third category of people: those not convinced by the man and his ideas who, without necessarily rejecting him – and above all, people for whom the unique choice is a nonsense… Those people had nothing to express their opinion. They have chose abstention. This time, 117 EU representatives have abstained from voting, to compare to the 44, the highest level of abstention recorded in 2004. It seems that the white ballot does not exist in the society – still under construction- of an enlarged and United Europe.

The white ballot should have been a valid option. More, it should be considered as a real expression of voting intentions, equivalent to the Yes or No vote. The EU representatives are not common voters; being themselves elected, they have (or are supposed to have) a very high sense of responsibility. Why limit them to a binary vote? Is expressing subtlety in political opinions and choices contrary to the principles of the EU? Or, the EU political elites distrust to such a degree ‘the people’ that they limit the choice of its representatives? It would be more courageous, we suggest, leaving more freedom of choice.

Could you say, Sir, why the question of white ballot is missing from the political agenda of the European construction?

Please accept all my best regards.